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About Cas

Since my childhood in Sioux City, through all my travels to my home in the Sonoran Desert, I have always been in love with celestial mysticism, the ancient secrets held in fragments of intergalactic stardust that reformed into terrestrial mountains millennia ago and then tumbled apart to be rediscovered by curious fingers on the muddy banks of the Ol' Missou, or the sandy canyons of the Catalinas. I have spent my life exploring these mysteries and creating connection with the cultures and teachers who have carried these medicine practices into the 21st century . 

My intention is to serve as a unifying link traversing the space between where we stand and the world we are dreaming into being, to be a catalyst of evolutionary force determined to bring about the age of compassion and harmony.

I am a full mesa carrier (Mesachakuy), Nusta mesa carrier, and recipient of Kanchay Karpay in the Q'ero lineage of the Andean energy workers. I am a 500 CYT Yoga teacher with additional certifications in Yin I & II, Restorative, Nidra, On the Ball, and Laughter yoga modalities. I offer a wide variety of energy healing practices. I work with luminous energy fields, crystals, Angelic and aligned Guardians, chakras, auras, and divination tools like tarot cards. I offer divination reading sessions,  using tarot cards and crystals to answer your questions and get you on your soul's path. In auric stone readings, I analyze your energy field and discern which crystals you need to balance and support you. I can also create personal jewelry using your stones for ongoing reinforcement. I offer Soul Retrieval to repair Soul Loss. I offer journeying sessions to align you with your healed Ancestors in order to create empowered ancestral alignment. As well as other Conscious Soul Support, Restructuring, and Illumination.

You may not fully understand some of these terms, but you have found me and this page for a reason. Send me a message and take the next step on your journey today.


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