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Energetic Work

  • Divination Readings
    Using crystals, tarot cards, and divination decks to get a concrete perception of your current situation.


  • Somatic Gridwork
    Using crystals grids on your chakral system to facilitate transformation from a variety of patterns, traumas, wounds, and behaviors.

  • Soul Retrieval
    Repairing and reclaiming lost or damaged portions of your Energy Field.

  • Shadow Integration
    Aligning, balancing, and assimilating your conscious and unconscious motivations.

  • Ancestral Alignment
    Connecting to strong healed Ancestral Allies to empower you with your lineage gifts and to heal your genetic heritage.

  • Andean Rites
    Lineage rites such as the Munay Ki, to upgrade your energetic architecture.

1 on 1 Call 

A Video call or in person session in which we discuss the journey to finding your healed self through a multitude of modalities. 



A one on one masterclass in which i invite you to learn and practice energetic processing that suit your natural skills, abilities, and inclinations. 

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